The Effortless Way to Pay Off Credit Cards & Loans

Pay any credit card or loan in one place. Create a plan to get out of debt. Get SMS reminders, so you never miss a payment.

Student loans

Pay Any Credit Card or Loan In One Place

Say goodbye to opening 5+ apps to make payments. Now you can do all of it in one place:

• See what payments are due,
• Make or schedule payments,
• See your balance & credit limit on any card
• Check your minimum payments



Paid of $12,000

Amount of credit




Next Payment


Last Payment


Next Payment

March 31 , 2020

Monthly payment amount


Get SMS reminders,
so you never miss a payment
(Pay by replying to the text!)

We make it even easier to pay your bill: you don’t even have to log in, or open the app.

We’ll send you a text message when your bill is due. All you need to do is reply, and we’ll schedule the payment for you.

Create an Easy-to-Follow
Plan to Get Out of Debt

• Figure out which cards to pay off first
• Estimate your “debt free date”
• Know how much to pay, each month, to hit your goal early

Starting Balance


Debt Free Date

May 2024

Pay this card off first:

Chase Sapphire Works With:

And Many More


Keep Tabs on Your Financial Health

Bird’s Eye View:

See what’s going on with your money at a glance.

Check your income & expenses, how much cash you have, and an overview of any payments due.


Make sure there are no unexpected transactions in your account.


Save hundreds of dollars by canceling subscriptions you aren’t using.

Digital Security

Iron-Clad, “Bank Grade” Security

We always have your security in mind. Rest easy knowing your data is protected with “bank grade” 256-bit encryption.

Now That’s an Amazing Deal

Empathize is free for 30 days, then just $5/mo.
  • Pay any credit card or loan in one screen
  • Get SMS reminders when payments are due
  • Pay credit cards & loans via SMS
  • Create a plan for getting out of debt
  • Find and cancel subscriptions you’re not using
  • See a snapshot of your money across all accounts
  • Check for unexpected transactions
  • Verify your cash in checking, before making payments
  • Get email notifications if you get charged a fee