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Get out of debt, boost your savings, make a plan & stick to it. Empathize helps you get rid of student loan & credit card debt, fast.

Student loans

Qualify for forgiveness, reduce interest, or figure out the best repayment program

Credit cards

See, manage, and pay down all your credit cards in one place

Make a Plan

recommendations to get out of debt, fast

Student debt
student loans


The fast, low stress path out of debt

The Path out of debt

Should you transfer to a 0% APR card? Is a different loan repayment program better? When will you get out of debt if you pay an extra $100? Which loan should you pay off first?

Tailored recommendations

Our intelligent tools make it easy to figure out the best ways out of debt. We automatically connect with all your accounts and track your progress.

Tailored insights

Tell us more about you and we’ll recommend things like the best credit card for your spending habits, simple ways to up your credit score and more.
Digital Security

"Bank Grade" Digital Security

We always have your security in mind. Rest easy knowing your data is protected with “bank grade” 128-bit encryption.

Student loans

Student debt is hard.We make it easier.

Reduce Payments or Interest

We figure out the best government repayment program, then help make the paperwork easy. (PAYE, REPAYE, IBR, etc.)

Qualify for Loan Forgiveness

Do you qualify for loan forgiveness? We can figure it out together, then simplify the paperwork.

Know When to Refinance

Empathize’s Round Up enables you to pay down your student debt with spare change, saving you extra on accrued interest.
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March 31 , 2020

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