Connecting with How Others Think and Feel. Our Heart is the Door to Peace Forevermore.
Our intention is to remind one another to try to empathize with others and put ourselves in their shoes.

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The term "Empathize", according to Merriam-Webster, dates back to circa 1921. To Empathize is to feel or experience empathy. In all of its forms of empathizing, empathized, empathising, empathised, etc., to empathize is defined as the act of "to sense and understand someone else's feelings as if they were one's own." To empathize is to identify with, understand, relate to, feel for, sympathize with or have a rapport with. It's to have the same feelings as another person : to feel empathy for someone. To empathize with is to feel at one with and on a more scientific technical sense, to be on the same wavelength or frequency as. It is like tuning an out-of-tune stringed instrument, such as a piano or guitar string to the same exact tone or frequency as a specific tuning fork. It's noun form is "empathizer". To be an empathizer is what we believe is a key to change this world we all share for the better.

"When we open our Heart to really Empathize
How the world is seen through other's eyes
We can begin to truly materialize
Our highest dreams we can conceptualize."

-- by.: the infinite WE within my individual me

If there is any one secret of success, said Henry Ford, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle as well as from your own. This one statement says a lot, coming from one of the most successful people of all time.

Alfred Adler, the famous Viennese psychologist, wrote a book entitled, "What Life Should Mean to You". In that book he says: It is the individual who is not interested in his fellow men who has the greatest difficulties in life and provides the greatest injury to others. It is from among such individuals that all human failures spring.

The greatest failures of the 20th and 21st centuries have come from loosing sight of considering the other person's point of view. In the wake of the greatest global financial crisis since the great depression, it is our intention to remind businesses and entrepreneurs to return to prioritizing who their business is based upon (i.e. customers who are real people just like you and I). The same goes for those in government to remember they are there to serve the people by whom they are created. To Empathize with one another is always the key. This is done by taking into consideration what our fellow human beings think, feel, want and need in order to focus upon providing the goods or services that they need and want. By this consideration, we mean to use our perceptive and intuitive imagination to empathize with and put ourselves in the other person's shoes to try to understand how they think and feel from within their own unique individual experiences and point of view.

"The true magic of the Golden Rule
Lives within the Heart of me and you
To Love one another as we'd love to be loved anew
Because when we get right down to it
We are all different expressions of the same ONE too
From Our Own individual point of view."
-- by the infinite WE within my individual me

As our world experiences turmoil in many places around the world, it is time for humanity to wake up and realize that what we think, feel, say and do to our fellow human beings will always come back to effect our own selves too. When we widen our prospective, the world can be seen in a different more positive unifying light. We are after all - all human beings and Earthlings. We all breathe the same air, eat the same food, and drink in the same water molecules that make up our physical human bodies. We are all made up of the same stardust. This wider awareness helps us to empathize with how others think and feel from their own point of view giving greater understanding to ultimately materialize real peace in our world.

Empathize in Our Relationships and Friendships:
Every religion and spiritual belief on earth has a fundamental belief that boils down to placing all of truth in one simple, but extremely profound empathetic concept of "Treating Others As Ourselves". This is called the "Golden Rule" by many. Humanity is on the brink of the greatest change or shift in consciousness that has ever been experienced before and the key to that change is in the "active" verb of to EMPATHIZE with one another, to put ourselves in the other's shoes and try to view the world through the other's eyes and feel the world through the other's experiences. When we can truly grasp the depths of truth in this simple, yet infinitely profound concept, of "to Empathize" with one another, we will bring the change to our world which so many of us wish to see.

"The time is now for each and every one of us to have a realization that we have unlimited power, unlimited resources and unlimited capacity to love, be creative, serve and support an emerging paridigm of good on this planet at this time in human history. The time is NOW to wake up to the infinite potentiality that is within all of us." -- Michael Bernard Beckwith

The time is now for each and every one of us to stop feeling bad or guilty of things that we may have done, experienced, felt or seen in the past. The time is now to wake up and realize the power of choice we each have to change our future through changing how we think, feel and act NOW. The time is now to realize that deep within each and every one of us we have the power, resources and capacity to CHOOSE to empathize with the other human beings we share this planet and universe with to put ourselves in their shoes, understand and connect with one another in ways that will transform our world and our universe.

"My whole life is dedicated to the inspiration of seeing that light in someone's eyes when they wake up and they claim who they really are. And who we are, I believe is that We are beings who are made to contribute. We're not just made to get something - we're here to give something. And when people see and experience and know that, through not intellectually, but in their heart, and when they start acting that way, worlds are transformed." -- Tony Robbins

Empathize to Contribute and Transform our world:
"I call it the social profit sector and social profit has 2 spellings. Social profit like we make a profit, because the profit that we generate is a profit that generate profit for all children of all species of all time. It's really that kind of a social profit. And people who are doing this kind of work are what I call the Social Prophets of our time." --Lynn Twist

Empathize to Be a true Leader:
"Actually come from the true leader that's within, the true visionary that's within all of us, the true (you might say) messenger that within all of us, and live authentically to that, regardless of what the world around us thinks or feels or experiences or even reacts to, because I'd rather have the whole world against me than my own soul. And a leader of the future is one who follows their own soul and obeys. In fact, a genius is one who listens to their inner voice, follows the vision of their inner soul, obeys that and leads and catalyzes new frontier transformations in the world. And so the person who can do that is the real leader; and we all have that inside us." -- Dr. John Demartini

Empathize to Collaborate to Win:
"Leadership in the new civilation is very much about collaboration. Its about learning how to apply that emotional intelligence, connectingwith other people in a way that allows everyone to win." --Dr. Ivan Misner

"For 21st century leaders of this new civilization it is very clear that they need to be living what they're speaking about. First and foremost, they need to be themselves the inspiration and role model for everyone else. And what that means is they need to be living a life that is fulfilled, that's alive, that's joyfull, that's full of integrity, that is full of purpose and clarity." -- Marci Shimoff

"The time is now for you to make change in your life. As a practical matter for my life I have suggested that the liptnus test for a great civilization, a new civilization, is a focus on mutual respect. But it's much more than that. Everyone watching this has it within their power to make positive change NOW. If not now, then when and if not you, who? -- Tom Tierney

"The time is now for us to awaken. The time is now for us to evolve and live our fullest potential, live our highest visions and dreams. The time is now for us to realize our highest purpose for our lives - to contribute our gifts and allow the leader within us to come out." -- Lynn Joy McFarland

We are all leaders in the new civilization. The time is NOW to bring change back to this world we all share and live within. Everybody who has come to this site and who shares this beautiful world we all live within has the power to make positive change "NOW". If not now, then when? If not you, then who? We are all leaders in the new civilization that humanity is on the brink of. The time is NOW for us to awaken to who we really and truly are and our connection to one another! If I can empathize with you and you empathize with me, what a truly wonderful world this would surely be.

"What we each know most to be true
Is what we experience and do
From our own point of view.

The truth that I see in front of me and you,
Is a different point of view,
Than what can be seen to be true,
From your own point of view.

If I placed a symbol of God or Truth
In the middle of the 3D room,
It could be a rose flower as it opens its bloom.

We would each see it from our own point of view,
With our own angle of shadows and backdrop too.

What looks right to you may to me seem untrue,
As what looks right to me
May sometimes appear wrong to you,
Because of not just our own individual point of view,
But also our own life journey that we each go through,
From which we each build within our own filtered view.

The more views that we have,
The more complete the view,
Of this mystery of life that makes up all of me and you
In this 3D world that we "think" to be true.

Can you too feel what is most true
Lives in the Heart of Me and You?

From my Heart
I impart
The all of Me
I know to BE
That lives within Eternity.:

Our feeling Heart is the key
That opens the door of our whole me
To really and truly feel and See
Into the infinite universal oneness
Of what I call Our One infinite We
Within [our own individual] Me

For what if everything and everyone conceived
That you have really and truly perceived
As being outside and "separate" from you
Were really you too
From another point of view?

Then Unconditionally Loving another
Would be Unconditionally Loving you too,
From an entirely different point of view.

What is true Love within you
That I feel and see within me
Is that as I do unto you,
I actually do unto the you
Of the "We within Me".

When you open your heart to all that's true
You will then see the true star buried deep within you
In a newer light from another point of view.

It�s time Now to Be the Change that we have longed for
And to Live out the most absolute amazing encore.
It's time Now to reach for the stars,
That we each within really and truly are.

As the butterfly must pass through the caterpillar to see
It holds the all within its evolutionary journey to be.


Remember the caterpillar life appearing to end
Became a butterfly of new life from within.
It broke through the cocoon of fear without
To shine its love to the world all about.

It's all about Love - It's all about Peace.
It's all about the infinite love that will never cease.

Love is our Light that shines up our day
To guide us within and show us the way.
It calls us out from our cocoon to play.

So take my hand Now and fly with me
To Light Our Universe in Harmony.
Our Rainbow Bridge of Love within
Connects us all back together again.

Like fractal parts holding within the all,
Our Love and Light speak forth the call
To rise above the stars so bright
And glimpse within our starry light
Of the infinite depths of Love in our Heart
That connects the all to each and every part.

For as we wish upon this deepest Heart star
The dream comes forth from who we really are.

Our Love and Light shine to all the earth
And all the universe's renewal is taking birth.

Everyone is reaching a higher state of knowing
That We All Be our true selves glowing.

Our heartfelt tears of joy fall like rain
Upon this universe wherever there's pain
To fill their Hearts with Love and Light
And lift them up to their dreams delight."

-- by the infinite WE within my individual me


To Empathize is to feel or experience empathy. Empathy is the capacity to recognize or understand another's state of mind or emotion. It is often characterized as the ability to "put oneself into another's shoes", or to in some way experience the outlook or emotions of another being within oneself or to see from their point of view. Afterall, we all occupy a different space in this time space "reality" world we all live in and therefore all have a different point of view. It may be described metaphorically as an emotional kind of resonance or mirroring.

The English word empathy is derived the Greek (empatheia), "physical affection, passion, partiality" and that from (en), "in, at" + (pathos), "feeling". The term was adapted by Theodore Lipps to create the German word Einf�hlung ("feeling into") from which the English term is then more directly derived.

We cannot develop creative solutions to complex human problems unless we can see, hear, open up to, and include the humanity of all the stakeholders and of ourselves. Creativity requires all of our selves: our thoughts, feelings, personalities, histories, desires, and spirits. It is not sufficient to listen rationally to inert facts and ideas; we also have to listen to people in a way that encourages them to realize their own potential and the potential in their situation. This kind of listening is not sympathy, participating in someone else's feeling from alongside them. It is empathy, participating from within them. This is the kind of listening that enables us not only to consider alternative existing ideas but to generate new ones.

"For deep within every Heart we all know it's true
That the same "We within Me" also lives within you,
Even if it is experienced from a different point of view."

-- by the infinite WE within my individual me

Since empathy involves understanding the emotions of other people, the way it is characterized is derivative of the way emotions themselves are characterized. If for example, emotions are taken to be centrally characterized by bodily feelings, then grasping the bodily feelings of another will be central to empathy. On the other hand, if emotions are more centrally characterized by combinations of beliefs and desires, then grasping these beliefs and desires will be more essential to empathy.

Furthermore, a distinction should be made between deliberately imagining being another person, or being in their situation, and simply recognizing their emotion. The ability to imagine oneself as another person is a sophisticated imaginative process. However the basic capacity to recognize emotions is probably innate and may be achieved unconsciously. Yet it can be trained, and achieved with various degrees of intensity or accuracy.

The human capacity to recognize the bodily feelings of another is related to one's imitative capacities, and seems to be grounded in the innate capacity to associate the bodily movements and facial expressions one sees in another with the proprioceptive feelings of producing those corresponding movements or expressions oneself. Humans also seem to make the same immediate connection between the tone of voice and other vocal expressions and inner feeling.

There is some debate concerning how exactly the conscious experience (or phenomenology) of empathy should be characterized. The basic idea is that by looking at the facial expressions or bodily movements of another, or by hearing their tone of voice, one may get an immediate sense of how they feel (as opposed to more intellectually noting the behavioral symptoms of their emotion). Though empathic recognition is likely to involve some form of arousal in the empathiser, they may not experience this feeling as belonging to their own body, but instead likely to perceptually locate the feeling 'in' the body of the other person. Alternatively the empathiser may instead get a sense of an emotional 'atmosphere' or that the emotion belongs equally to all the parties involved.

More fully developed empathy requires more than simply recognizing another's emotional state. Since emotions are typically directed towards objects or states of affairs, the empathiser may first require some idea of what that object might be (where object can include imaginary objects, concepts, other people, or even the empathiser). Alternatively the recognition of the feeling may precede the recognition of the object of that emotion, or even aid the empathiser in discovering the object of the other's emotion. The empathiser may also need to determine how the emotional state affects the way in which the other perceives the object. For example, the empathizer needs to determine which aspects of the object to focus on. Hence it is often not enough that the empathiser recognize the object toward which the other is directed, plus the bodily feeling, and then simply add these components together. Rather the empathiser needs to find the way into the loop where perception of the object affects feeling and feeling affects the perception of the object. Empathizing with another is the key.


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